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Back on the grind

Long journey back

I'm making this post to document that I'm back to my ways of studying and learning. I had a bit of a downfall in life for about 16 months. Played a game called New World and got lost in life for a bit. To give you guys context I have 3 AWS certifications and made this website. In the last 16 or so months I had a job for maybe 2 or so months. Still don't have a job, Currently things are kinda rough for me right now but I'm not going to let that stop me.


I started to dig deep into the programming language(golang). It seems like I enjoy coding in go. I'm not going to say I'm proficient in it but go is a joy to code in. The reason I chose to learn go was because of its speed. Go and cloud computing go really well together, and go is good with a lot of other stuff as well. Another thing about go is its not too hard to learn either.


I wanted to shed some light on the text editor that I really enjoy using. The text editor I use is Kate(KDE Advanced Text Editor). Kate's website. Kate does support LSP's(Language Server Protocol) which makes Kate very powerful. Kate is really light weight and very responsive. Also has a very configurable UI. Also I've switched to linux full time for about 4 months now. My linux distro is Fedora at the moment. Needless to say im a big fan of linux.


My goals are first and foremost get a job. I would love to work with go and AWS or any other cloud provider. My other goal is to restructure my website. I want to take terraform out of the picture and use go with the aws cdk. I'm also thinking about implementing htmx to rebuild the website.


Whoever does take the time read this, first thing is thank you, the second thing is you can't give up. I know especially in tech right now the job market is in weird state right now. But that's not stopping from me applying to jobs. Remember you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.

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