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The Ectasy of the gratitude

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I’m an Android developer from Venezuela who works and lives in Madrid. I’ve been in this city for two years, I love Madrid and Spanish food. I always wanted to start a blog where I could share my experiences and learnings as a developer. I started it, and I wrote a few blog posts about Android and other tech things. I even started a series about Dart, a programming language.

But this is not a post about tech

It’s about gratitude.

In the last months, I’ve been coming home after work and relaxed a bit playing some games. After 45–60 minutes, I started writing or learning something from the internet, I never stop learning. I’m a big fan of startups, programming, community management, and lately marketing so I’m always learning something new about one of these topics.

After writing or learning about some of these, I go to the gym because I have some back pain if I do not continuously exercise, and it also helps me to clear my mind. When I come back from the gym, I take a shower, cook dinner, and chat with my partner about how was our day.

A few weeks ago, I visited my grandma in Sicily and had a great time. Being so many days without wifi consumed all my data plan, just checking twitter to see what was happening in the Android Dev Summit, a big event in the Android community where a lot of awesome developers things are showed. The FOMO was real.

After I came back from Sicily, I got bloated about the many things I wanted to learn, and that collapsed me. I just got blocked mentally, and I could barely write three words about anything or sit in front of the computer to do some learning. I thought it was because of the trip, so I took some rest that week. That didn’t work.

It started to get worse at the point I could not even go to the gym to distract myself. The anxiety caused me to do anything, and doing anything caused me more anxiety. I was in a loop of anxiety.

I always read Twitter to keep myself informed about the latest news in the Android Community. But thanks to the feature of seeing what people like, fights appeared in my feed. If you have a Twitter account, you can see how much lack of empathy it’s on the platform. The sum of these events affected me indirectly.

The gratitude

I determined that I could not be feeling that way too much time, so I decided to start doing something, and I slowly started to learn and write again. Maybe there were just 15 minutes or less. But eventually, I got a result, I created another piece of content.

After publishing it, a person that consume my content send me a private message through Instagram and told me that he really liked my content and has been helpful to him. He even asked me how can I create content when he was always out of time. He made me remind two things, that I created a blog to provide value to at least one person, and the other thing is If you are sharing your knowledge even a little at a time, you are doing more than most people. This message reminded me of how much I like to learn and how much I like to share what I learn. It made me think deeply about how gratitude it’s the ecstasy of sharing.

Be grateful

I don’t know about you, but probably you have some content creators which content you really like. Maybe it’s a podcast, a publisher, or a YouTuber; whatever the platform is, take a minute or two to send them a tweet, leave a comment or send them a private message about how much you like their content. Maybe they’re passing through a hard time, and that message would make their day.

Have you ever feel this way? What is holding you for sharing your knowledge? Leave it in the comments, and let’s talk about it 🙌.

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