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Discussion on: I'm Learning Kotlin By Creating Apps - This is my journey so far. [Part 1]

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Giuseppe Vetri

Hey! Great job starting with Kotlin. Here are some actual topics you may be interested:

  1. Coroutines, Asynctask is deprecated in the last target version of Android. Where I work we use coroutines and are pretty good. You should also check out rxJjava (It's in java but you can use it in kotlin with rxKotlin or using the Kotlin syntax with the RxJava library).
  2. It's also important to have an architecture in your projects, the most used in Android are MVP and MVVM.
  3. You can avoid all those conversions from the JSON that you receive from the APIS using Retrofit., it's almost a standard in Kotlin and Android.

Also if you want to learn about testing with Kotlin you can check my blog post about it here.

Here are some resources from youtube:

If you have any question feel free to ask! :D

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Eleftheria Batsou Author

That s amazing, thanks! I ll definitely check your tips and suggestions 😊