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hello πŸ‘‹

I've been a developer/hacker/software engineer over the past two decades, I've been involved in opensource projects, opensource/freespeech initiatives, I even founded a hackerspace.

I've hacked electronics, written firmwares, built backends for web-oriented applications for a living. And today, I'm CTO of a French startup that makes last mile delivery better. It's called Zeloce and BTW we're hiring πŸ€—

I'm always learning, and I recently learned Ruby, Rails, React and ReactNative. Next I'll learn and use GraphQL. And my bucketlist for the next stuff I want to learn is mainly Elixir, Rust. πŸ€“

I like to troll (in a good way) about the serious stuff β€” like languages, operating systems, Linux distributions, instant messaging or editors… Even though it's not really trolling, I mean it's obvious that Vim (and Neovim) is the best editor. πŸ˜†

Don't hesitate to ping me here, on twitter, or on IRC.
Because slack sucks. Because β™₯ IRC β™₯.

BTW, my favorite con is the FOSDEM, and I attend every year, so I'd be happy to meet any of you there.

P.S.: I also got two cats, and they're awesome. instagram.com/Mallow_et_Lumeau
P.S.2.: And my wife, she's a plant-nerd, and she's totally awesome instagram.com/sweetyoxalis

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