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Tech Pilgrimage: A Beginners Journey In The World Of Tech.

Image descriptionI want to learn Python; do you want to learn about Snakes?? A conversation between me and David. Everyone thinks programming is about fancy names like Python, JavaScript and Ruby, at least that’s what the outside world of “Everyday Ordinary People” my past self-included thought, however things changed when I was asked to research about Software Engineering, Data Science and UI/UX design. Coming from a non-tech background, it felt like career day all over again. From engineering to design, I decided to be Bob the Builder. I was going to build my dreams and software engineering was going to help me achieve that, more like the Robin to my Batman. My journey started like most tech pilgrims, at Harvard’s CS50, with Scratch as my first lingo… I still remember with nostalgia, my first “Hello world”; program, I was finally there, every programmer's dream.
Congratulations you have been promoted to the rank of low-level programming, and I could hear the cheers and applause, when David Malan introduced the class to ‘C’, this was real computer gibberish, stuff I saw in the Matrix! “The aim of this class is not to compare yourself with your mates but rather with yourself, when you began”, those words have been lamps to my feet, noble words for a noble journey. A few weeks later, I dropped out of the class, however, little did I know my pilgrimage was only beginning. It’s been a wonderful journey, truly exciting.
Join me as I take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, insights and best practices. I have unlocked in this Holy pilgrimage called Tech!!!

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