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The Pleasure of Clojure(Script): Part 1

I like learning languages, and usually give a shot to any language that has some buzz — like Go, Rust, Elixir, ReasonML (now ReScript). But there's one kind of language I have never tried learning, and it was because I thought it so alien. Maybe, just maybe, you can guess which kind of language I'm talking about by the title of this post (spoilers: It's Lisp languages).

Most people when telling the wonders of Lisp talk about data as code. Now, I haven't quite gone there yet so I don't know what that's about, but I still had a lot of fun using ClojureScript.

Since I had some free time at my hands (two weeks paid time off), I decided to go knee deep into Lisp and see it in action for myself.
I fired up Emacs (learned some org while I'm at it), opened up ClojureScript documentation—which is rather scarce sadly—and went on to achieve my goal: Build a static blog with Reagent, which reads from .org files at runtime.

This series of post is a form to consolidate what I learn along the way until I achieve my final goal.

Most of the materials I saw teaching people how to build a language used a Lisp syntax. I gave credit for syntax simplicity those times, but the simplicity didn't stay restricted to the syntax.

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E.R. Nurwijayadi

Welcome to clojure.

I also learn clojure in very early stage.


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