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JAVASCRIPT my Kryptonite

I had already been told that javascript is the great wall where many brave people fall and abandon the battle.
No wonder, after seeing HTML and CSS we said "ah, all this is easy" and then we see that big yellow + black JS logo when everything changes and becomes "programming".
What is difficult? something depends on each one, the desire they have and the work they take, but I also think it depends on who teaches you.
My recent experience in a Bootcamp was that when I arrived at JS everything became very technical (maybe too much), to that add that the instructor mixed concepts from other languages ​​making everything even more confusing, even more, chaotic for beginners, I felt like I was wanting to learn English but the teacher mixed French and Chinese in between.
I decided to try other free platforms, and I understand some concepts better in a Youtube course.

But it's not the instructor's fault (at least not entirely).
I have a certain attention problem, my mind wanders in other directions while I stare at the teacher on my pc screen, I see him speak and write code, but my mind flies to things like "How do Alpha and Beta die in TWD?", Or if my dog ​​Sheldon ate or is still waiting for me to fill his plate.

So I discovered that I have to change every 1 hour of course so as not to get too bored and refresh my mind with each mentor, so I am varying between three courses/classes on javascript, one hour here, one there, and one beyond.

Surely you will say "but it is very confusing!", not for me, I have caught myself saying out loud "aaaaah!" by basically understanding some concept given by some teacher and understood by another.

I usually say "Aaah so that's what that instructor meant!", this happens to me haha!

I know that JS is a steep mountain, that many find it difficult (including me) but that you have to cross, you do not have to avoid it, it is useless to hide, every time we poke our head, there will be Javascript waiting for us to go for it.

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