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Release 0.2 II

Before the end of the term I'm revisiting release 0.2 and trying to get the requisite number of pull requests done since I wasn't able to get through many of them during Hacktoberfest.

Starting off, I found this issue logged on o3de, which is an open source 3D engine for games and movies. The issue raised was from a confusing message that would be logged when launching the engine on Android, which read:

*             Amazon Lumberyard - Launching Game...            *
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This has nothing to do with o3de, most likely it was left in when copied from somewhere else while building that component. Regardless, I changed it to remove the reference to Amazon Lumberyard, made a commit with a sign off as per the contributing guidelines, and submitted a pull request.

My second PR was on Upstream which is a cross-platform desktop client for the radicle code collaboration protocol. There was a style issue logged where one of the pages had a link that wasn't styled properly, so I changed it from an underline to a border-bottom accordingly. I forked it and found the offending line, made the change and then committed my fix with the appropriate commit arguments. Again I had to sign off on this one, and follow Conventional Commits conventions for my commit message. I created a pull request and now I just have to wait and see how the review goes!

Both those PRs are now merged, the first right away and the second after some revisions. Upstream had a global class with the proper styling, so I applied that to the button rather than defining it in that specific instance. All in all they were pretty straightforward and easy to get up and running and make the necessary changes, and both were quickly merged which was a nice feeling!

My last contribution for release 0.2 was on Anime Skip which is a web extension that lets users set and use timestamps on VRV, Funimation and Crunchyroll with plans to expand to Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video in the future. There was an issue where the manifest.json generated for the production build included permission to use the localhost connection for testing. This was a simple fix that I achieved by simply making another enum with the TEST_VERSION field removed, allowing any existing references to the PlayerHosts enum for the developer build to remain unscathed while the manifest.json generated for the production build excludes this extraneous field. I committed my changes and submitted a pull request which will hopefully become my 4th merged PR for release 0.2!

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