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Lab 6

For this week's lab I added a feature from docusaurus to add <meta> tags to my GAS SSG's generated HTML pages for added SEO. I started by logging an issue with a description of the functionality I was looking to add, and started working on it.

I created a new branch in my repo to put my changes, and started writing logic to add <meta> tags with keywords from the title when generating the document. After some work the prototype was ready and I tested it. It wasn't triggering from one control path so I made the necessary changes and it worked. I pushed the changes and merged the commit to the main branch.

On the docusaurus side of things, I generated a site and tested it locally, then moved to deploying it to github pages. I was unsuccessful, and tried again. Ultimately there were errors no matter what so I started over, upgrading yarn and making sure to install all the relevant packages as best I could. After starting fresh the site would no longer build or run locally, let alone deploy to github.

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