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Code Reviews

For my release 0.3 I did code reviews for 2 other students pull requests on the IPC144 repo. It was a bit tough to find anything valuable to add, many students were leaving comments on pull requests as they came in and in one case I was looking through one only for someone to comment before I got to the end of the commit. I don't think either of my suggestions got added either, both were merged before the other students implemented my feedback.

In any case, the first code review I did looked at this issue. This student added a tutorial to convert tables from the [IPC144]( notes to images. I looked through and everything looked good, but I caught a spelling mistake and mentioned that "Alt test for accessibility" should probably read "Alt text for accessibility".

The second code review I worked on was for a student working on auditing and fixing Again, I couldn't find much to critique with this one - it seemed pretty thorough and another reviewer commented before I could find anything. Ultimately I just posited that newline could be enclosed in backticks to emphasize its status as a control character, just a stylistic suggestion if anything.

This was a neat exercise, I haven't been on the other side of a code review before so it was cool to take a look at other students' code and look at how they approached working on similar issues to mine.

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