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Ken Darling
Ken Darling

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What’s my skill set worth?

Help! I am the sole programmer/developer/sql admin etc for a small company, compared to what I was hired to do vs. what I now do 4 years laters have vastly change. My skill set has expand a great deal as well to move the company forward.

I would like to get a gauge of what my skills are worth to see if it’s worth wild to ask for a rise.

Any kind of input would be great!

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Itamar Turner-Trauring

You can look at e.g. Stackoverflow survey to see what people are being paid for various tech in various areas:

If you haven't gotten raise in 4 years you should definitely be paid more!

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Ken Darling Author

Thanks, that is super help full

I have gotten so called cost of living increases, but nothing that reflects that value add, I have brought to my employer.