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Compiling Textual IRC Client

Textual is often the most recommended IRC client for macOS. You can buy it for $7.99 or you can simply build it from source. Let us look at how to do exactly that.


Your mac needs to have Xcode 10.0 or newer.

Cloning the source

Clone the source from here wherever you desire. Don't forget to download the submodules used by Textual. If submodules aren't downloaded, Xcode will give the directory <directory> does not contain a xcode project build error.

$ git clone
$ cd Textual
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
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Setup code signing certificates

  • Launch Keychain and use Certificate Assistance to Create a Certificate.

Open Keychain

  • Enter your name, set Identity Type to "Self Signed Root" and set Certificate Type to "Code Signing" and create the certificate.

Certificate creation

  • Your certificate should be visible in the "My Certificates" section of "login" Keychain

Changing config files

You will need to change two files: Code Signing Identity.xcconfig and

Enabled Features.xcconfig.

Code Signing Identity configuration

  • Open Code Signing Identity.xcconfig with a text editor of choice. It should be located at Textual/Configurations/Build/.
  • For CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY, type the name that was used to create the Certificate above.


Enabled Features configuration

  • Open Enabled Features.xcconfig with a text editor of choice. It should be located at Textual/Configurations/Build/Standard Release/.
  • Set TEXTUAL_BUILT_WITH_LICENSE_MANAGER to 0. This prevents the trial period countdown.

License manager

Building Textual

Open Textual in Xcode by launching Textual.xcworkspace file in Textual root. Xcode will start indexing and processes source files. Once that is complete, follow these steps:

  1. On your Xcode menu bar, click Product > Scheme and select Textual (Standard Release).
  2. Similarly, click on Product > Build to start building the app. This should start the build process.

Building in progress

  1. Navigate to Textual/Build Results/Release and you should see a shiny new Drag this to your Applications folder.

You should now have a working Textual app (with no trial countdown) that you built yourself!

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John Prokos • Edited

Thank you for this. I built this today but a little concerned because there are 370 warnings! Does this sound right?
I think they are all Deprecation warnings... I didn't go through all 370.

There is also still a "Manage License..." in the "Textual" Finder menu that shows 29 days.

I did set "0" as shown