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Should I use Yoast Free or Yoast Premium Version?

In a previous article, I talked about Yoast, defining what it was as well as listing some of its features. But if you would like to use Yoast to manage your content, have you already thought of which version to use? I mean will you use the Yoast free version or rather the premium version? Well, it may depend on many factors, the first being the different features each offer. In this article I will help you to answer the question– “Should I use Yoast free or Yoast Premium Version ?” for most of you who want to use Yoast SEO in order to optimize your content.

Here are some criteria to take into consideration while choosing the Yoast premium version or free version.

I will be using PV and FV in some sections to represent the Premium version and Free version respectively.

  1. In the PV you have full access to academic courses so you have the possibility to get full access to their training and become an expert in SEO. Meanwhile the FV you have access to the free courses only.
  2. In the premium version you have the possibility to find and add high-performing keywords while in the free version, you add them manually in your text.
  3. You can add related keywords in the PV. Unfortunately, you can only add one keyword or key phrase in the FV.

  4. PV word form recognition is available in many languages whereas in FV you are responsible for manually researching and improving your content.

  5. Both of them can tell Google what your page is all about.

Automation, update and supports

  1. PV automates your publishing flow, that is you can share your post to more than 2000 entities just by pushing on a button while in the free version sorry but you will have to manually share your posts.

  2. In the PV, Yoast observes your important posts and pages and if necessary warns you if you haven’t updated for 6 months. You have to manually check your pages in FV in order to ensure that none is outdated.

  3. You have the ability to preview what your pages look like on Google, Bing, Twitter and Facebook. Whereas in the FV you can only preview your pages on Bing and Google.

  4. For the PV you can get suggestions for internal links that Yoast suggests you internal links you can add to your post. While the FV you have to look for related posts yourself and add them.

  5. You have full support 24h/7 (1 year) in PV. No support in the FV but the team provides hundreds of articles to help you.

  6. PV is ad-free. So you won’t see ads on your dashboard. FV contains ads.

  7. Last but not least both work in the WordPress classical and block editor.

Now that you have an idea of what each version offers, it's up to you to identify your main objects in order to chose the right solution.


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