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Discussion on: Could Apple Be Forced to Reduce App Store Fees?

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Guney Ozsan • Edited on

Even in IE or MS Office case, you still had the option to get an alternative later. Having them by default was already a problem, but Apple gone worse by banning all alternatives (stores and payment services) ever.

Apple should have its payment service as an option among other payment services, and make customers choose among them by fair competition. Without an option, it's monopoly. Imagine having to use only Walmart owned credit card in their stores without an alternative store around.

It's pretty unclear what apple sells to end users. A device, access to store, a payment system?.. As a customer (not a developer), I may not want to pay a 30% payment fee to Apple after paying for an iPad when there are cheaper alternatives. I may still choose Apple for security and convenience. However there is no alternative store, no alternative payment system. Such blurry lines sound like scam face of the things. Don't think only as a developer, think in the shoes of customer as well.