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Gulshan Aggarwal
Gulshan Aggarwal

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JOBPkdo- a smart voice search based platform to find Intern, Jobs

Overview of My Submission

JOBPkdo is a platform where a person can find interns, freelance projects, remote jobs, and much more that comes through Twitter daily. Users can share jobs with their friends and save them for later.
Now JOBPkdo also allows users to search for their favorite jobs through the smart voice search.

Why JOBPkdo is developed?

We all know Linkedin is a platform where people get internships, and remote jobs but opportunities are everywhere. I have seen a lot of people who got their first job or intern in startup companies through just Twitter DMs or cold emails. Don't you think this is awesome?🤔

We can't follow everyone but there are still a lot of jobs related to a particular field such as full-stack, marketing; which are out of our reach. So through this platform, I tried to build a space where a person can search for a specific job, share it with friends & save it for later.

Submission Category:

Accessibility Advocates

Link to Code

Additional Resources / Info

Voice Search

Login Page

Saved Jobs


While using Deepgram most of the challenging thing I faced was not having appropriate transcription result for a specific job search output. For example, If a user speaks 'javascript jobs' then the transcription result was too poor. It consumed a lot of time and after having a call with Deepgram's product manager I got about the keyword feature. However it is still not accurate 100% but now in most cases, transcription output matches the user's requirement.

Why I'm participating in Deepgram Hackathon

For the last 3 months, I have been continuously participating in hackathons and by participating in hackathons I have a chance to build something useful. When I participate in hackathons I have a strong enthusiasm to build something cool that can help others and need to complete the project by a given deadline which is necessary to learn something new after a time.

My Deepgram Use-Case

I had never thought of voice base search functionality but with the announcement of the hackathon, I got a new idea that helped me to enhance user accessibility.


By Participating in the Deepgram's hackathon I got a chance to work with real-time data stream technology SOCKETIO which I have never tried, also to solve my problem I talked with their product manager which was an amazing session.

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This is cool. Good job.

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Gulshan Aggarwal Author


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