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10 years in web development!

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Where are all of those frameworks today? Backbone, Knockout, AngularJS at some point people had even stacks based around it right?... Mean stack.

Ember.js is still rocking they recently released ember octane.

CoffeScript is another that have disappeared from job post the thing that gave us arrow functions. Still being used by the ruby community if you don't believe me checkout for yourself https://guides.rubyonrails.org/working_with_javascript_in_rails.html

I think biggest one was jQuery. The thing that have been used by every frontend dev. Fell out of the roadmap of learning web development a while ago.

I actually remember the argument when Boostrap alpha 4 was released. On the Hacker News there was heated argument between the creator of youmightnotneedjquery and creators of bootstrap on why the were still sticking with jQuery when everyone else was not even github codebase has removed jQuery entirely and replaced it with vanilla.JS

Also what happened to ruby on rails, wasn't every bootcamp teaching it at some point like dev bootcamp?


Towards the end of the decade everything seems to be about react.js and I repeat before moving on react.js, vue.js and angular(2+)

From fat servers to fat clients. I guess you can have both too, but you should choose one the community seems to have agreed on the latter.

Build tools, oh what happened to grunt and gulp.js?

The era of static typings from flow to Typescript, mypy for python and stripe having released sorbet and ruby 3 promising types.

Text editor from textmate to sublime text to atom and finally javascript community settled on vscode.

My quick predictions for the future

2020 - React.js still dominating in the frontend land nothing new.

2021 - Maybe serverless framework is mature enough more and more companies using it.

2022 - serverless consultant start appearing in the job market hopefully I'm one of them.

2023 - ...
2024 - We finally getting flying cars (I'm big blade runner fan!)


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