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First 5 Drupal 8 modules to install to make your life easy

gulabbisht profile image Gulab Bisht Originally published at drupixels.com ・1 min read

Starting a new Drupal 8 project? And the first thing you might do is to install a module, but which one first. There are a few obvious ones to install and sometimes these have no relation with the functionality of your project but they always help you in the background.

But why do we install them? It's simple, they make our life easy while we are implementing the universe of features into our Drupal website. But then you always miss some of those life-saving modules and only install them when you feel the pain.

Now here is my list of Drupal 8 modules which will make your life smooth and you should install them as soon as you see that welcome message on the home screen.

  1. Admin Toolbar
  2. Environment Indicator
  3. Config Split
  4. Module Filter
  5. Site Settings and Labels

Full read: https://www.drupixels.com/blog/first-5-drupal-8-modules-install-make-your-life-easy


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