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Discussion on: Documentation is my gateway to coding

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Kat • Edited on

Technical docs and end user documentation helps me see in different contexts and points of view which provide more data or thoughts.

For me to solve issues I'm usually writing sometimes in a journal like style to break down the issue so I might be able to see a trend in though and I usually write why a few times and try to solve the why. The why sometimes points me in the direction to solve it within its context without going crazy (sometimes only a little crazy). Sometimes the why leads me to more questions to solve.

I've been handed bugs that seemed random but managed to get them to replicate and for that I had to write trends and hypothesis and tested these. Sometimes this can be found in a teaching style of documentation -- almost textbook style as opposed to very short. More like guides.

These methods of writing all help my ability to code. I'm not your more elegant coder but sometimes I'm fairly non-linear in the style.