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Discussion on: Will a Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None developer get hired these days?

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Kat • Edited on

I'm kind of all over the map, and I know there are businesses that like that sort of thing. I try to concentrate on something I really like, mostly front end, with some back end skills to "hook up into" if required (if this even makes sense). I have the same education as many back end devs, so I understand the full stack... but I chose specifically more front end if possible. I started at as a print designer back in the day (I'm now super old, maybe?). Marketing folks tend to like me for web work.

Essentially I try to find a place where it works for me. What do you like to work on? I like deving more on the front end, talking to end users and people a lot and being involved in decision making on features and paths to be taking with business need. I tell them how many years spent on a language working, tell them where I'm comfortable with what, and then branch out from there, talk soft skills and other aspects, too. It takes all types. I've been all over different types of sites from CMSs to large enterprise to software-as-a-service that is a large codebase, adding new features, fixing bugs, etc. I like to think I traveled. :)

If I was seen one dimensional for just my tech stack... well, they're missing a lot on the hiring process. I try to have conversations when I'm being hired to get a good idea of why I might be brought on board, too. I have certain project sensibilities, certain culture considerations and team ideas. I'm more curious of the business side and how it runs. Sometimes it's not a technical issue, sometimes it's a mix and I try to suss it out and find the fit. I steer conversations to the benefits and differences between me and potentially other hires -- what my strengths are and some blindspots (we all have them!)

I have done a remote position before -- and also managed a remote person before. Remote means there are different metrics they may look for to ensure output and certain personality -- I'm not saying you're not, but it's kind of part of the concern at the hiring table. What concern would you have if you were hiring for overseas and remote?