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Automation to get Github repositories insights reports

guifalourd profile image Guillaume Falourd ・2 min read

In a day-to-day work with Developer Relations, you need to be able to extract metrics to evaluate what you do, on social networks or events 🔎 📊

Github may not be considered as a social network, but as I've been implementing and creating contents there too, I thought it could be interesting to monitor the engagement that shared repositories can generate.

To do this, I created an automation in Python using Ritchie CLI. This automation generates a report in .csv format with several insights about my public and private repositories 🕵️

Thinking about making it more practical, I also set up a workflow using Github Actions with a CRON to add new reports weekly and allow me to follow the evolution of my work.

The insights reports .csv file looks like the following one:


Those files will be generated and stored on the proper Github repository.

Anyone can use it, just create a new repository based on this one: repositories-reports (with Fork or Clone) and add 2 secrets to the new repository:

The full automation implementation is in python and may be found here, where the main file is this one:

The Github Action workflow is this one: if you want to perform something similar on other repositories.

Let me know if you have any suggestion or feedback!

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