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Tech notes: how to have it all in one place

Last year I began to write down tech notes in a Google Sheet. I actually write about anything related to technology and programming: TDD, Version Control, Clean code, Programming Paradigms, DevOps, AWS, etc. And I use different sources: videos, articles, books, or even talks.


Check it out here!

How it all started...

I was hanging with a friend and he told me that while he attended University, he had created an Excel with relevant concepts he had learned everyday during his lectures. I thought it was an excellent idea, a place to write a short explanation regarding a lot of different subjects!

So I did the same. I created a Google Drive Sheet, and started putting down technical notes.

Although I felt this was a great idea, I still needed to find the way to add every week more tech notes, and not giving up. And also, of course, read them.

It's funny because when I started developing these “Tech Notes” I had recently began using Habitica. So I gathered courage and created tasks to help me out. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I must write a new item, and on Tuesday and Thursday I must read one randomly (on weekends I rest).

I hope you enjoy it and can help me by adding more notes!

Thanks to Sofía Cortés who helped me enhancing the document.

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