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This is a list of resources that I have found helpful when building apps with React Native. Some of them are tutorials for beginners and some of them are helpful to troubleshoot on the way. I have written the dates of the articles, usually any articles written before 2017 are not relevant anymore, but some things from 2016 still made it through. I hope some of you will find it helpful as well.

Note: This is not a collection of random articles I have found on React-Native but a list of things that I have tested and used in my projects, so I can guarantee that most of it works in versions 0.53 to 0.57, which is the latest version now that I am writing this post.

All of these links are for projects done WITHOUT Expo. That is, with the

react-native init

command. I would say Expo is a good tool to start, but in the end you will have to get rid of it mostly if you are developing a more professional application that extends beyond learning purposes.

I really recommend that you have a clear idea of the features that your app needs before starting to implement it (in an ideal world this is the way things are done) because some things will be hard to implement if you don't structure the project in an appropriate way. I have learned the hard lesson by trying to add deep links to my project at the very end. It will be a far more difficult task now than had I taken that into account since the beginning.

Please let me know in the comments if you have other good free resources. Enjoy!

General resources

How to build from scratch


Some of these articles use the deprecated libraries, but are still useful if you just replace the navigator names. (createStackNavigator instead of StackNavigator and so on...)

Using refs

Shapes & Animations

How to add a SplashScreen to Android and iOS

How to create carousel sliders

Pinch to zoom effect

Managing state with Context API


Managing offline behaviour


Responsiveness && Adapting for Tablets


Push Notifications

Deep Linking

Android configuration specifics:


  • How to install custom fonts in iOS and Android (Jun, 2017): React Native Custom Fonts, by Dave Hudson.

  • Easiest Way to Load Your Custom Fonts in React Native (Jul, 2017) Link, by Fullsour.

  • Ultimate guide to use custom fonts in react native (Jan, 2019): Custom Fonts, by Mehran Khan.

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Thank you very much for this plethora of React Native Resources. Many articles, tools, training videos, tutorials, package links, and books to learn React Native from. These resources will definitely help a React Native developer one way or the other. Recommended for beginners.


Thank you. I'm starting a new project with react-native so these resources will be useful. Great!


Great! Check out specially the bootcamp if you are getting started. It solved a lot of doubts when setting up the Native Part with Android Studio and XCode.


Wow thank you, I'm watching it and it's awesome.


I have build a deep learning model of image classifier. I want to build an expo app which could take a photo and geolocation. this image should be predicted through deep learning model. And the result should be displayed on screen. I have no experience in app development and read documentation and watched videos but not able to get my answer. I will wait for your reply


+1 thanks for the list!


Thank you for this list :)