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My first freelance job part 3

As I have been telling in previous posts I had a bad experience in my first job as a freelancer and this was because the deal with the client was led by a third party (a girl who contacted me on facebook).
To put it in context:
The story starts when this girl contacts me to help her with a school project, I non-profit helped her in her project.
A month later she contacts me offering me to do a real project for the company on which she had based her school project, because they liked the design.
So I started with the project but I never got any economic remuneration ... a month after the delivery (about three days ago) I decided to send mail to the company to tell them why his page had never been published and the delay of the same emphasizing the lack of economic remuneration.
The next morning I received a call from the company where they informed me that they had already covered 80% of the project for a month ago (what I had charged from the beginning), because this girl had charged even more (so the company still owed her money), that's right ! the girl had already charged and had not paid me !!!.
I reported the situation to the person at the company and they decided to sue the girl for breach of contract, I received a call from her claiming that I had communicated with the company and she offered to pay me the amount that I had charged (even knowing that she charged more, she never told me).
But well I no longer wanted to have any contact with her so I told her that I was aware of the fraud she had done and that I wished her good luck in her legal process, stressing that there was no rancor on my part because they were difficult days for me (eating only once a day for lack of money because I lost my job and my apartment as a result of being able to finish this project in a timely manner).
-----THE GOOD NEWS.-------
After talking with the representative of the company they offered me to pay the page and today I received MY FIRST PAYMENT FOR A WEBSITE made by me !!! and they also offered me a possible second project (this is waiting for authorization).
Now I have direct contact with the company and I am happy to work in what I like in a "formal" way, for the first time !!! !!!
For the hiring of my services I have relied on a contract and I hope that everything goes well.
PS; This is undoubtedly a clear example that your quality of personal values can lead you to a good job or to a legal problem from which you will not get out well.
I hope you like this experience that I am glad to share with all of you !
greetings and blessings to all of you !!!!

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