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re: This article explains it well why WET is better than DRY: dev.to/wuz/stop-trying-to-be-so-dr...

I had to go through some WET code in a project I'm working on today (code by a peer) and nearly threw up. Copied and pasted an entire method from one place to another. The code was tripe in both places and needed to be fixed twice. And you know what? I had to spend time going through the code to make sure it was exactly the same before I could be sure that the fix would work in both places. WET does not save you time if you follow it blindly. That's why it isn't better than DRY and that article does not say it's better than DRY. It says that sometimes (with small bits of code) it's fine to repeat it.

I think you are 100% correct; following principles blindly does not sound like a good plan. The only absolute rule in programming is that there are no absolute rules

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