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Top 10 YouTube Channels That Beginner Indian CSE Students Should Follow

1. GeeksforGeeks

NO. 1 is of-course GeeksForGeeks. Here you can get many useful playlists for Data structures and Algorithms, Interview Questions, Linux tutorials and many more.
you will find hundreds of videos that will provide you with the insight and the knowledge to become an efficient coder.
These videos are inclusive of real life interview experiences of Geeks who are placed in product and service based companies, webinars and
workshops with industry experts which are inclusive of a variety of
topics pertaining to Computer Science and coding, informative videos and
solutions to a variety of subjects and lastly, a music playlist for you
Code Jamming sessions!

2. Linux Tex

This is one of the most underrated channel about Linux on YouTube. I personally love the content this channel posts. Its about different Linux distros and different Linux applications. In short "Latest and the greatest of Linux news, tutorials, software and distro reviews brought right to you."

3. CodeWithHarry

This list can't br complted without superman of Hindi Dev tutorials i.e CodeWithHarry . Recently CodeWithHarry completed  1 million subscribers and its growing fast. As far as I know this is most subscribed programming related channel ran by an Indian.
Code With Harry attempt to teach basics and those coding techniques to people in short time which took ages to learn.
Code With Harry provide a quick and to the point demo along with resources of anything and everything I teach. Source code and other resources are hosted on  website provides source code(if any) in the description of every video.

In short "Quality programming videos in Hindi"

4. Gaurav Sen

Gaurav Sen is pioneer in System Design Videos on Youtube in India. He is one
of the earliest Competitive Programmer to talk about CP on YouTube.

Algorithms and System Design is a powerful combination!

Here are some things that been talked about on channel:

1) Competitive programming

2) System design

3) Artificial intelligence

5. Akshay Saini

Akshay Saini, Popularly known for his JS tutorial series "Namaste Javascript"
working as an Engineer at Uber. Apart from that, creates videos on this channel to help people with Interview preparation, Tech Tutorials, and
his personal Tips and Tricks to advance their career. Currently,
making videos about Frontend Interview Tips, his Interview Experiences
and core concepts of Javascript. Go ahead to the video section and do check out all of them.

6. Nishant Chahar

This is also one of the most underrated YouTube channel in India. Nishant talks to different Software developers about their journey in college and placements in series called "Placement Diaries"

7. Code for Cause

Code for Cause is an initiative started by a group of like-minded people working for a similar cause. Their primary focus is to provide guidance and mentorship to students. Not only for those who lack on-campus opportunities but also for those who lack awareness about the
possibilities in the field. They provide a hands-on learning experience and keep students informed about the latest trends in technology, opportunities so that they can keep up with the fast-paced digital world via following a pi-shape learning pattern.

8. Tanay Pratap

Tanay, an engineer at Microsoft. He shares what he knows to make you an awesome coder. The courses are 100% free. He makes videos about React JS and programming in general.

9. Love Babbar

Love Babbar, a graduate from NSUT, Delhi. SDE at Amazon,Gurugram. He has made videos related to placements with detailed information.

10. Get Saged

Get Saged is Popular for his playlist "Company Review : CTC, Recruitment Process, Profiles, Top Tips".

Umang Chauhan, an engineer who loves to explore, do weird stuff, and try out new things. Get Saged is a place to get into the not so boring life of an over-optimistic Indian trying to explore and get adventurous making
other people saged. He make videos about VLogs, Travel, Coding,
Placements, New Products, and much more that you can't even imagine.

This was the list of top 10 channels I felt useful, Thanks for reading:)

Happy Programming!

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