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Remote Workers: What's Your Daily Routine?

gsto profile image Glenn Stovall ・1 min read

Curious if anyone else has habits or systems in place that help get them centered and stay productive during the day, here's mine:

  • Very Early (6:00am): Get up, writing & side project work
  • Early Morning (7:00am): Get ready, breakfast, walk dogs
  • Start Work Day (8:30am): Check email, github, project management tools, sketch out plan for the day. Say good morning to teammates
  • if(Monday && 10:00am): Weekly planning video call.
  • if(Friday && 9:00am): Weekly Coffee Cowork session.
  • else Working / Coding
  • Lunch (12:00pm)
  • More Work (1:00pm)
  • Afternoon break/more dog walks (2:30pm)
  • Final email check of the day (3:00pm)
  • Finish up work(3:15pm)
  • Shut off work laptop, leave home office, shut door (~5:00pm)
  • if(Monday || Wednesday || Friday && 5:30pm) Hit the gym.
  • else Chill.

What's yours?

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iuriimednikov profile image
Yuri Mednikov

Hello, Glenn. That's a good topic, as my detailed schedule heavily depends on projects, I am working on, but the basic scheme is following:

  • Wake up with sunrise, typically about 6:00-7:00
  • Go for 30-45min run
  • Work for 2h
  • Have at least 1h language practice on Italki (currently I learn Turkish)
  • Work for 2h again
  • Learn tech stuff for 2h (currently I study for Cisco CCNP)
  • Final 2h block of work

As you can note, I don't spend 6h in a row working, and prefer to mix it with something else to keep myself fresh and focusing on tasks. Also I often change workplace - I work from coworking space or home mostly, but sometimes I can work from a local park - if it is a good weather - using mobile hotspot:)

nimmo profile image
Nimmo • Edited

My routine at the moment tends to be:

  • [Whenever] Wake up naturally - alarms are the worst
  • Shower, breakfast, go to my desk
  • [Whenever + time taken for showering and breakfast] Start work
  • [1PM] Break for lunch - I found that when I didn't set a specific time to break for lunch, I didn't do it.
  • [2PM] Work until whatever time feels "right"

I would say "I wish I was one of those people that can get out of bed at 4am", but that would be a complete lie. 😄

Making a conscious effort to never set an alarm has had such a huge positive impact for me personally that I really can't imagine changing that willingly any time soon.

kritner profile image
Russ Hammett
  • If Monday or Thursday Wake up @ 04:00 - 04:30 (depending on if I can get my butt outta bed for an early morning workout. off to work at 05:00. Work on site til 3, pick up babby from pre-k, home. Make dinner, play with kid, potentially go to sleep at 8-9, or stay up late and play video games.
  • Any other day of the week (sometimes weekends depending on what I wanna get done) - depending on if I was up late playing video games or watching movies, my normal wake up may or may not be changing from the 04:30. If I need some extra sleep, I'll take it. Start work around 5 or 6 from work from home days, when babby wakes up, get him ready, drive him to pre-k, work and wrap up around 3 or 4:30, make dinner, play with babby, games/movies/bed.
dondenoncourt profile image
Don Denoncourt
  • 7 Read novel in Italian (started teaching myself Italian 8 years ago when I was 52)
  • 8 Post a textual standup in Slack (which has what I plan on doing) and update Harvest billing with yesterdays work
  • 10 Quick walk with the doys and quiet conversion with wife.
  • 12 Gym (where I read tech) or Unicycle (where I listen to tech)
  • 4 Get the mail with the dogs (its a 1/4 mile driveway)
  • 6 Be interrupted with a delicious home cooked meal

  • 8-10PM somewhat relaxed knowledge acquisition or writing tech.

ondrejs profile image
  • Wake up at 6 AM
  • Start working at 6:30 AM
  • Stop working at 7 PM and go to read a book or just chill out
  • Between the start & stop of work, I get a bit of food and ton of coffee
manas1v profile image
Manasi Vora

I try to schedule most meetings in the afternoon, at least the daily stand-ups. And, I like your coffee-cowork idea.