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Have you ever got a job or a client from a recruiter?

gsto profile image Glenn Stovall ・1 min read

There is no shortage of recruiter from Hell stories out there. But I'm curious if anyone has had a positive experience with a recruitment agency. How did they find you, or you find them? What kind of job did you end up getting through them?

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Jimmy Lipham


I know this is old, but I'll respond anyway. I've had nightmares, but I've had a positive experience from both the perspective of hiring someone through a recruiter as well as being placed by a recruiter myself. I applied for a Senior Software Engineer position in Austin a few years ago with Indeed. However when I got a call back about the application, it was a recruiter, and I hadn't realized that it was a posting by a recruiter rather than direct. However, the recruiter was nice, but very insistent. I was equally insistent on having an interview with the team and finding things out for myself in person. (They wanted to do Skype interviews). However it ended up being a company I worked at for several years, and they provided me a ton of great opportunity. I was tethered to the recruiter under a 6 month contract before I was hired by the company.

I've had mixed experiences getting clients through recruiters. I've had recruiters lie and pump up the abilities of the candidates just to try to place them so they could get their cut. I somewhat get it though, they're in sales.

My two cents.

PS, I think we went to college together and studied CS. Good to see you on here!

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