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Discussion on: what motivates you to be independent blogger?

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Glenn Stovall
  • First and foremost, I like helping and teaching others. Writing gives me a way to go more in-depth on answers than I would be able to in person, over email, or in a forum comment.
  • It acts as a demonstration of skill in a different way than a portfolio. Case Studies show that I can code and do the labor part of the job. Writing displays communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Lastly, I enjoy doing it. I think writing can be a big level up for any developer, but I wouldn't advocate for blogging unless its something you would enjoy doing.
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Diana Coman

Writing is a way of structuring thought - and as such I would heartily recommend it to anyone. Just like with everything else, "enjoyment" is just an indicator of how good (or poor) you are at what you are doing so if you hate writing, chances are very high that you'd benefit most from doing it more.