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Discussion on: Freelancers, do you host and maintain client websites? Why or why not?

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Glenn Stovall

I feel like there are three approaches:

1) Don't host your client's websites. You can set them up for them, but afterward, you give them the credentials. Simplest and cleanest way to do it, and the way I prefer to work.

2) Host your client's site for a nominal fee. It feels like free money until it isn't. Getting an extra 20-30 buck per month/client will quickly not be worth it when the client is sending you an angry text at 2 am because their site is down.

3) Offering a recurring service package that makes it worth it for both of you. You aren't just providing hosting, you are providing availability and insurance. You could bundle this with an ongoing retainer that also includes some combination of support, consulting, or ongoing development. I wouldn't start considering an offering like this until we are talking $500/month minimum. At that point, hosting makes sense. But you still need a handoff plan in case the client ever decides to go in another direction.

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Terrance Corley Author

Hey Glenn,

Thanks for breaking that down. Yeah, at this point in time I see myself going with option 1.