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Discussion on: How do you fight boredom in software development?

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Glenn Stovall

I try to remind myself why I'm doing the work in the first place. But not all work is fulfilling, so when that doesn't work I try to put some kind of challenge on it.

can I improve my efficiency while working on the task? That way I can get through the boring stuff faster as well.

Can I learn some other skill on top of it? Once when I had a data entry job I spent time learning all of the shortcut keys on the computer.

If that doesn't work, I try to be mindful of how working through boredom is a mental muscle in and of itself. I'm actively learning a new skill and its how to sit with and work through boredom. Similar to how part of dieting can be learning how to sit with being hungry if that's something you aren't used to. As my old coach used to say, "get comfortable being uncomfortable."