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I love the fact that people are posting more about how Flutter is an awsome framework and is a great development tool, but I think there should be more tutorials... I know some stuff, but I'm still a noob 😂 So some tutorials could help a lot. What are your thoughts?

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Martin Jablečník • Edited on

I am also a noob (I am developing with Flutter only 2 months) but I think that a lot of tutorials are not important.. In official Flutter documantation is Get started page or some samples and tutorials which are enought for good basic understand how it works, what are widgets or how save states. When you go through this articles in documentation, you can go to learn the most used widgets and Flutter team also record some videos and every widget have also some samples of using..

I also recommend you to read some article about Flutter IDE shortcuts because it really improve your development productivity.
And then you can try create some your first simple application. ;)

After it you can go to the study some 3rd party packages for State Management, Databases, Firebase, WebView or others..

If you are some experience developer from some other language so quantity of tutorials now are enought for understand basic things and go to the develop some nice app.
And if it can help you so you can also study some code from other developers in Github.
For example here are some my codes which you can study and try understand how it works then fork it and improve.. :)

But if you are some young developer without a lot of programming experiences so maybe it should be good for you when you will go to some other popular language where are more tutorials for learn some important programming basics (conditions, cycles, class, functions, etc..) which you can then use everywhere.. ;)