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My Very First NPM Package: SLAAAYER!

gschnei profile image Gavi Schneider ・1 min read

Originally published on my blog.

No, it doesn’t do much, as you probably guessed from the name. But it’s my first NPM package, and it works. A tiny piece of software that has my name on it. That’s good enough for me.

The package is simple: add it to your dependencies, require and name it like so:

const slayer = require(slaaayer);

The name of the variable doesn’t actually have to be slayer, name it whatever you’d like.

Once you’ve done that, call slayer and pass it a number. The result is “SLAAAYER! 🤘🏻”, where the number you pass the function is the number of “A”s in the word slayer.



You can install the package here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/slaaayer

Stay tuned for future NPM packages. I think Cannibal Corpse has a good ring to it…

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Gavi Schneider


Metal 🤘🏻, Beer 🍺 & Programming 💻 Full time concert goer 🎸 Computer Science student 🎓


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I'd like to report a bug with this package. I feel that what better describes the sound that a fellow metal head makes while intoxicated at a concert is SLAYEEEEEEERRRR! rather than SLAAAAAAAER!

Lol I kid. I love this, rock on 🤘

Also, you seriously made me miss festivals this year 😢


I feel you man, my Hellfest plans went down the drain, and I was supposed to be seeing Maiden this month :(
Mixing metal into my coding has helped keep me sane.


This is just amazing. Congratulations 😍
First package should be celebrated!


However, you should put the source repo in the package since you listed it under ISC (open source).


Thanks for the heads up, was unaware of that.