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Where does the code live?

πŸ‘‹ Hi, my name is Dan & I know where the code lives.

To better understand this silly thought, I have to explain why I am even here. I’m currently on a career switch from humble graphic designer to software engineer. This decision was made initially on a whim, but now has morphed into an obsession unlike any I have experienced before.

I have been a graphic designer on and off for many years and have always enjoyed it. I have been able to work with great clients (and not so great ones) and have been able to form some great relationships and also work on some really cool projects. In recent years however I have been watching the world change around me and realised that I have an obsession with technology that was not being satisfied in my work.

I won't talk in depth about the pandemic as it's not a fun topic, but let's just say that it did not treat me well, and work was very hard. So flash forward (phew!) to 2023 and I'm working (after a design hiatus) in a fabulous co-working space, The Generator, on the quay in my hometown, Exeter. I met an absolute legend called Kim Diep (@thekimmykola). I kind of accidentally cornered her at lunch and we had a laugh about it as it was her first day in the co-work space, and about her 3rd day in Devon. We got to chatting and it so happens Kim is a software engineer. You may know Kim, but if you don't, she is infectiously happy, endlessly talented and super inspiring and she eventually convinced me to think about a career change. During a lunchtime chat I asked Kim where the code lives. It felt innocent enough but now it's my β€˜look how far you’ve come’ milestone.

So fast forward to today. I have spent months learning everything I can about code, working multiple jobs, saving every penny, all so I can switch directions and satisfy that itch that is lacking in my life. I am so grateful to Kim and everyone in The Generator for all the support, love (and biscuits) that has allowed me this opportunity. I do feel that the financial entry point to tech is problematic, but that's a blog for another day.

Now as I go full time into tech, I thought it would be nice to document it so you can watch me lose my mind learning to be a software engineer. I absolutely know that this will be hard, it will test me and I may cry a bit but that's ok, I am the most determined i have ever been in my life.

I hope you will enjoy following along with me as I make this change. If you are already in tech, I'd love to hear your journey, what you are up to, and if not then I hope my future ramblings will inspire you to make changes, if you so wish.

Dan ( ⬅️ I should probably buy this domain.

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Kim Diep

Thanks for the mention Dan :) I can't believe it was only this Spring/Summer that you asked me 'Where does the code live?' - look at you now!! Looking forward to seeing you progress over the next few months!