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Announcing my book "Rust Web Development"

A pragmatic and "in-depth-enough" book about writing web services/applications in Rust

Hey folks! Long time since I have posted here! My original articles on this platform kicked it all off for me: Getting into Rust, trying to explain to myself how to think about Rust when coming from NodeJS etc.

One thing lead to another and now I am currently writing a book with Manning titled "Rust Web Development". I want to take you on a journey into Rust and how to think about Web Development when working with Rust.

Ready for prime time?

Many things are new, different and at first glance, not as easy when comparing it to Java or NodeJS. However, once you understood the moving pieces, Rust is a joy to work with, a super solid language and enough great tooling to use it, right now, in production.

It also has some tooling from the ecosystem which make it, in my view, a no-brainer to use for any future web service you are going to push to production.

So in this short post, I want to invite you to come along with me on this journey, and figure it out as we go along converting to Rust! The language itself will eventually be used in the Linux Kernel (fingers-crossed), replace legacy systems and will find many friends in the new world which is currently built right before our eyes (Facebook calls it the metaverse...).

See for yourself

There is a website to the book, where I hopefully soon publish more little articles about Rust and the web, and I will list all talks I gave and Podcasts I am on, so you can learn more about this exciting new way of building for the web.

And, if you made it this far, with this link you will get a discount purchasing the book.

It is currently in MEAP, but will be ready starting 2022.

I am looking forward to your feedback!

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