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Add image and video access on right click of the mouse on web instagram

Happy to share that I wrote a #script that kinda helps me while using web version of #instagram. The script basically adds the #image and #video access when you do a right click on that particular post. You can easily install the script by using #Greasemonkey extension.

Link to the script:

After u install the #Greasemonkey extention, go to this gist link and click on raw it will ask you to add. Tha's it.

Now there are lot of extentions out there to download media from IG but this is helpful when you just want to copy img & share somewhere or just paste it.

The right click with out the script:
Alt Text

The right click with the script activated:
Alt Text

Limitations which are obvious: The media file size will be the same as of the rendered and not the original.

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