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re: I use a plugin to do this because different languages have different requirements for comments and I'm lazy). I use commentary but there are a few ...

I haven't had a lot of experiences with different plugins, but I will have to check out commentary.

So funny, yes. I tend to use the words 'vi' and 'vim' interchangeably and I was debating if I should make that distinction on this blog.

True story, I used vi proper for almost 10 years and for 8 of those years at work on an old RedHat Workstation distribution. A time came where all our work machines got upgraded to Ubuntu and I ended up with vim on my machine (I think it was vim-tiny). I wasn't familiar with visual mode. Everytime I accidentally hit CTRL + v, I would quickly ESC out because I didn't know what it was doing.

3 months ago, I decided to finally make the small effort to learn visual mode.

I love how you can learn new things all the time even in the tools you've been using forever!

Thanks for the comments!

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