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Don’t compare and compete with others, instead collaborate

If you are a person who likes to compare and compete with your colleagues. Let me tell you one important thing. Don't compare or compete, instead help and collaborate.

Being a lone wolf and just focusing on yourself and your progress will certainly get you somewhere. But rather than trying to do everything yourself. You have a group of like-minded people who are all on the same path as you!

Your progression is going to be much:

  • faster,
  • more exciting,
  • more fulfilling.

Compete only with yourself and try to get better every day!

The software development world is smaller than you think. Collaborating and helping each other instead of competing puts you in a position where fellow like-minded people can help you find opportunities.

A practical example

If you are searching for a new role, the best way to find it is to get recommended for the position.

If someone from my team recommends a candidate.

I already know 2 things:

He/she already is familiar to an extent with a person on my team, so the collaboration and onboarding would be easier.

He/she has already shown to some extent capability to be able to do the job.

This gives you much better chances right from the start. Make sure to help each other to grow and progress in careers!

What are your thoughts?

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