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I see myself reflected in the number 4. I feel that I do not help, that your work is monotonous, repetitive and lacks meaning. You feel that your work has no value and that nobody appreciates it or that it really does not matter if you are there or not.

I'm content to feel that what I do is useful for someone else


That’s sad to hear. I have had a few jobs like that. I’m sure you will find a new job soon that gives you that satisfaction. Or perhaps you can find a new way to look at your current job?

Like what if your goal every day was to increase the happiness of your team by either making them laugh or by helping them grow their technical skill?

Here are other tips that can help you while you remain at your current position:


I'm just bored with the routine and that this project is only used by people who ask for requirements that they do not use later. As soon as I finish I will change projects and we will see.

the team is great, I can teach them and explain them and they really appreciate it, they know that I am capable of solving big problems.

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