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Gregor Schafroth
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Daily Code 73 | 📯

Ok now after this two-week long detour about HTML and CSS it’s time to get back on track and work on things more directlly related to my AI business again!

Since I’m recently working with APIs (for example VoiceFlow with AirTable) I thought it would be great to learn a tool where I can easily run tests related to that, and it appears to me (or ChatGPT said <kough kough>) that is the gold standard for this.

I found a very useful resource to practice different API requests

My Learnings

  • When intereacting with an API, testing a GET request first tends to be easiest, since the only mandatory parameter is the request (url) itself
  • POST are next in line. Usually the JSON result from the get request can be slightly change and the POST works. If not, just copy paste in ChatGPT and then it should work.
  • PATCH is the safe way to update existing records, since PUT overrides everything.

And that’s as far as I need to use it. I don’t have a use case for DELETE but that would probably be easy to implement as well.

Anyways, happy API calling everyone 😄

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