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There are a lot of coding YouTube channels out there for learning front-end development, but since there are so many, it's hard to know where to start. So, to help the confused, I've decided to list some of my favourite channels and write a short summary on why I enjoy watching them.

This is not an exhaustive list, and I may add some more later. But for now these are some of my top six and I hope that you learn a lot from them.

The Coding Train

If you love everything programming then this is the channel for you. Daniel Shiffman never fails to entertain with his fun loving attitude. His approach to programming is fun and approachable. So, when I'm looking to learn more about animating or even some machine learning, this is my favourite channel. Choo choo!

Low Level Javascript

This is a gem of a channel. Serious programming topics are broken down and explained with some really elegant code. It's all low level stuff but you never feel like you're being overwhelmed. So, if you want to get excited about building parsers or virtual machines with Javascript then this is the channel for you.


Do you want to learn how to use CSS Grid and also understand why front-end development was in desparate need of it? If so, then watch Jen Simmons's LayoutLand. It's the best series out there on the why and how of CSS Grid. You'll learn pretty quickly that CSS grid is extremly powerful for making beautiful, unique web designs that aren't just based on 12 column grids.

Leigh Halliday

Leigh has incredibly high quality React tutorials. If you're looking for great examples for solving real world problems with React, then definitely head to his channel. Don't let the shortness of his tutorials trick you into thinking that there isn't much detail. They're filled to the brim with great code and you'll learn heaps without being overwhelmed.

Ben Award

Ben has a range of great videos, with many of them revolving around React based technologies. All his videos are informative and you're bound to learn something new each time. He's pretty clued in to the programming world as well, so you're bound to learn about current best practices and good computer science concepts.


As Stephen and David like to say, they are animation amigos, boolean buddies, and keyframe companions. In short, they are really into animation on the web. They mainly use just HTML, CSS and (sometimes) a little bit of Javascript. Honestly, this is the best channel out there for animation on the web. Each week they choose an animation on Dribble and attempt to replicate it in code for the web. So if you want to learn animation then you've got to check out their channel. I've learnt heaps from their videos and I really appreciate how they take you through their process step by step. Coding is about problem solving and it's inspirational to see how great programmers like them tackle each project.

What are some of your favourite coding channels? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Happy learning!

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Nice list, Greg!

I'd add Fireship.io youtube.com/channel/UCsBjURrPoezyk...

FunFunFunction youtube.com/channel/UCO1cgjhGzsSYb...

And my channel (I've just uploaded my first tutorial) youtube.com/channel/UCrjQLZwNhEkXX...


Great choices! Also congratulations on your first video 🎉 I'll check it out


Thaks Greg! If you've got any feedbacks, please tell me. I'm open to any feedback.


If I can add to that, I've always thought the Net Ninja was really good. Tons of playlists broken down into 7-12 min videos. But still pretty thorough.



didn't expect these in the list. I thought you would mention traversy media, net ninja or free code camp like everybody else but these look good. Will definitely check Low-level JAvascript


I def love Code With Mosh! He’s more general as he teaches a bunch of stuff. I also love freeCodeCamp for their front end stuff!


Many thanks for this. I recently discovered Hamza Mirza. He created a number of tutorials, mostly on React. He is funny, thorough, and it is all hands-on projects. To pracice coding after a bootcamp that gave me an overload of information, this is really helpful


I suggest Acedemind


May I suggest Florin Pop. It's a relatively new channel, but already gained 10k+ subscribers and is constantly creating new content for coding front end


I'll check his channel out. Thanks for the suggestion!


Greg thank you so much for your tips :) I am learning js and this seems very helpfull to me. thank you!


I'm glad to know that this was helpful for you! All the best in your coding journey! 🥳


thank you so much


I found this guy a few months back and really enjoy his content youtube.com/user/hswolff

Edit: @hswolff apparently he's on here too 😅


I'm really enjoying his videos also! It's exciting to see him look into Deno.js!


Hi, I also have a Youtube Channel, in which I discuss tutorials, and react.js projects SEO, SSR.
Please check it out and maybe we can collaborate on something.

Video : youtube.com/watch?v=66owdRkc8pI
Channel : youtube.com/c/CodersLifeSimplified


Great list! I'd add Fireship as well, really high quality production and very "to the point" tutorials.


I really like coding garden with CJ youtube.com/channel/UCLNgu_OupwoeE...


Ben "Awad" Not Ben "Award" otherwise great job, many of these channels are new to me.


Thanks for sharing man. It was helpful for me.


You're welcome! 😀


Great list, thanks! Subscribed to everything :)


This is great list! It's been so long since I've been on YouTube that I forgot how much free content there is!


Nice List! Love me some Ben Awad!


Add deved to the list man. His channel is really cool :)


Great list!
I made a post with some of my favorite Youtube channels some days ago:
✨ My Favorite Youtube Channels