Discussion on: Why is your preferred programming language your go-to?

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There are several languages that I like, so mostly my go-to definitions depends of what are the needs for the project.

I know some C, C++, Rust, Python, Java (Ugh) and a little bit of Julia.

I did a lot of coding with C, Rust, Java and Python, so these 4 are the languages I'm most comfortable with, but that doesn't mean I like all 4. I hate Java, I wasted a awful lot of time fixing bugs on C cause the compiler let me do dumb things.

I LOVE Rust for the safety, for the fast and the zero-cost abstraction.
I'm liking Julia a lot cause it's very easy to learn and write for data science and is very fast too, I mostly use python for that, but there have been times that it was too slow for the size of the data I was processing and Julia saved my ass.

Fast execution -> Rust
Safety -> Rust
Fast writing -> Python or Julia

I don't have anything go to for web stuff since I never done a web development before.
I'm also taking suggestion of the modern languages that is used today for web development.

I also experimenting with OcaML and Clojure, and I kinda liking them a lot...