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Over 2000 Followers!

graphicbeacon profile image Jermaine Oppong ・2 min read

Unbelievable!!! I'm so grateful my friends 🙌🏾

It was just 2 months ago that I celebrated having a 1000 followers. I am super pumped right now as I continue to see support and engage in conversations with more of you on Dart.

I challenged myself to make a video proclaiming thanks when this happened so here you go. Enjoy!

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I would love to connect with each one of you on my YouTube channel for the latest videos on Dart. I release videos every week, so do subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon 🔔 to be notified on new videos. I've got lessons planned on the Aqueduct framework, Angular Dart, integration with various APIs and more...

I am also excited to say that I've been approved to produce a Dart course for Egghead.io! It will be an overview covering the language, libraries and tools to give you confidence to get started with Dart. It's due to be released in the New Year and it's gonna be free to watch too 😊

Lastly, I'm thinking of setting up a Patreon page in order for you to help drive future content. Writing is not an easy skill to cultivate, and it's always great when content-producers are supported in their work. I wish to gather your thoughts on this idea and learn what your expectations are should you become a Patreon. Let me know in the comments below!

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Congrats!! You have definitely been featured as a recommended follower for Dart-curious folks consistently.


Thanks for the feature Ben.


Thank the almighty algorithms 🙌

They reward folks who consistently write good stuff.


Congratulations! That's an achievement worth shouting about, awesome stuff


Great! Thanks Helen.