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Cloud Computing Trends & Challenges & How to Overcome Challenges

Cloud Computing Trends

1 Growth of server less computer – Server less computing is a cloud approach where the customer doesn’t have to deal with infrastructure administration and server provisioning. The cloud service providers manage the supporting infrastructure and distribute computing power following by the demand.

2 Even more adoptions for ML and AI – All machine learning and AI platforms need a lot of processing power and dada bandwidth, cloud is also a cost effective approach to get the resources. AI and ML complement each other. Cloud Computing plays a vital role in creating two emerging AI technology.

  • Creative Algorithms – These software tools use machine learning to produce artificial data to work of arts. This can also be used to train different AI systems.
  • Language Modeling – Program that understands human language more accurately are technology expected to be change how companies follow communication with each other.

Cloud computing would be crucial for business in delivering the services to customer and provide the necessary infrastructure for program with high demands. Without the cloud, startup and businesses with smaller resources could not use advanced ML and AI functions.

3 Deploy the Edge- New method of processing data that doesn’t conduct activities inside data center, instead processes and storing data occurs on specialized hardware near the network edge.

4 Kubernetes and Blockchain- Is a technology that offers tamper proof digital ledger that can record data without being dependent on authority. It is a game changer but has the scaling issues, particularly massive data. Enterprises will keep on pushing the block chain and k8 in 2022 as they work well together.

5 More focus on cloud security- Compliance, Privacy and integration problems are the main barrier to cloud trends adoption, they provide enhance cloud security trends feature.

Cloud Computing Challenges

Privacy and Security Data – Privacy and security are the two most concerning factors trending in cloud computing models .Storage of cloud data or business is private. Encryption, Security hardware and software can solve security issues and privacy problems too.

Cost Management – Most of the cloud providers offer you a pay-as-you-go model. It brings down the total cost of resource being used. However, defining and forecasting quantities and cost can occasionally be challenging due to cloud services.

Multi Cloud Environment – Companies have more options at their disposal, so they no longer depend on the one cloud service provider; nearly 84% of these organizations depend on several clouds, most of which employ different cloud services. The process frequently ends up being complicated for the IT team due to variations among service cloud providers.

Performance Challenges – Performance is a crucial factor when it comes to cloud computing , if the cloud performs unwell than the users can stop using the services and the business may suffer. This may affect in the load effecting which indicates that the server cannot be dividing the incoming traffic effectively for the user experience.

Portability – Application migration from one cloud provider to other should be simple, which is another for the cloud services, Vendor lock must be avoided.

Ways to overcome the Challenges

Install and implement the latest software updates, as well as configure network hardware to prevent security. Using antivirus and firewalls, increasing bandwidth for cloud data available and implement cyber security solutions are some ways to prevent security risks.

Implementing a multi cloud data management solution can help you manage the multi cloud environments. We should be careful while choosing the solution, as not all tools offers the specific security functionalities.

Before starting work on projects, setting cloud as well as portability standards can help the organizations solve the issue. The use of multi –layer authorization and authentication tools is a good choice for account verifications in hybrid , public, and ecosystems.

Implementing resource utilization monitoring tools as well as auditing systems regularly are some ways organizations can fix this. It’s one of the most efficient methods to deal with major challenges and manage budgets in cloud computing.

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