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The Frustrations of a Developer

Software engineering and development can be one of the most frustrating career choices in the game now. But with those great frustrations come greater feelings of pride, accomplishment, and pure joy over what a person can create in the digital space.

Majority of the frustration a developer will encounter on their career path, if not ALL of their frustration, will be because of their own short comings in understanding a code base or programming language. This is definitely not a jab at anyone’s aptitude and potential for learning. What I merely suggest is that as humans, we are limited by the means of knowledge we have now, in the current space of embodiment. We may understand that there is more to understanding of our field, more tips, tricks and knowledge out there waiting over the horizon for us. Yet we still are in our own point of reference with our knowledge.

This post is based off of an experience I am recently encountering with developing a suite of applications for myself, so that I can better my skills for the next company I work for. I have found that I thrive in hands on experience of learning anything. And I mean anything. For me to learn a new skills, I have to get my hands into it, feel around in the dirt, start to sweat, swear and cuss, and then I will be able to understand my surroundings. Some people learn differently: through audio, through reading, through hands on, or through some combinations of the sorts.

But my current frustration with myself have been because of this suite I am creating. I am developing a series of tutorials that I will be posting to this site and across the web, and because I do not fully grasp some things yet, I am becoming frustrated, upset, and somewhat angry. I do know these feelings will pass because I have begun to understand my mistakes to go forward.

Software development and engineering is frustratingly fun. It is rewarding, may it be that the reward is a new dent in the wall from me throwing my coffee mug into it, or a new algorithm mastered.

Till next times friends!

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