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Grant Hair
Grant Hair

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Any other yerba loving devs out there?

I got into drinking Yerba a few years ago after a fellow developer introduced me after his travels of South America check him out here

I find that Yerba Mate helps me stay focused for longer than coffee and I just generally enjoy the taste more.

It also looks real cool and makes people wonder "what is that dude drinking"

There are also some proven and some unproven health benefits

The Yerba subculture is also something that fascinated me and I have learned so much and have passed on some knowledge and tricks to colleagues looking to take up the fantastically social dance that is a ronda de yerba, we even have a Teams channel dedicated to that now.

I am currently enjoying Rosamonte (IT MUST BE ESPECIAL) and Cruz De Malta (my first time trying Cruz)

excuse the messy desk, I like creative chaos

Alt Text

Does anyone have a favourite Yerba they like to drink while coding or anything they could recommend?

For anyone interested I get my Yerba Mate from here it is a great place to get Yerba in the UK

My setup is as follows:

Look forward to any suggestions đŸ‘‹


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Paula SantamarĂ­a • Edited

Hi! Argentinian here, so of course, I drink mate regularly đŸ˜‚.

I love it mainly because it's a slow-paced drink. I prepare it early in the morning and can keep drinking for a few hours (changing the yerba every now and then). I'm currently trying a yerba brand called Playadito because I was in the mood for something smoother.

I think it's really cool that you tried Mate and liked it. It's wild for me to see all this Mate equipment on this site đŸ˜‚

My laptop and Mate

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Grant Hair

Thats awesome, is that a palo santo gourd that I spy there? such a better flavour than my stainless steel one but because im lazy I kept forgetting to clean it out haha, I have tried Playadito before in a smaller quantity and loved it, I also love Pajarito from Paraguay thats what I started off with but Argentinian Yerba is my favourite so far.


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Paula SantamarĂ­a • Edited

Just a regular wood mate I bought in the shop around the corner of my apartment. I should replace it already but I keep forgetting.

I haven't tried Pajarito, I don't know if they have it here, but I'll keep an eye out for it!