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With both the #gftwhackathon and Grant for the Web's first public Call for Proposals now underway, we know many of you have questions about potentially applying to Grant for the Web's CFP and would like to learn more. Here's how you can take part in the conversation about this funding opportunity.

Community Calls

We'll host two Zoom community calls. In each, the program team will provide an overview of Grant for the Web and share some tips on creating a strong application for the open Call for Proposals. These calls will be presentation-style with time for questions (taken via the chat feature). Registration is required and calls will be moderated.

Recordings of these calls will be available afterwards.

Office Hours

The program team will offer office hours where you can drop in and ask questions about the grant. Registration is required and calls will be moderated.

Please note: The Program Team can not review your proposal.

Community Forum

Join the community forum to ask questions about the grant, learn more about the technology, and meet others interested in working towards a healthier internet using open standards.

And of course the DEV Hackathon

Participate in DEV's Grant For The Web x DEV Community hackathonto build great tools on top of the proposed Web Monetization standard with a chance to win cash prizes and more! The help thread and participants' blogs offer a wealth of information and first-hand accounts of experimenting with the tech.

Also, feel free to message me on DEV.

Chris (Grant for the Web Program Team)

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Chris Lawrence


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hello Chris if we didn't use real payments like we used this thing that will be accepted or not
like this webmonetization.org/docs/exclusive...


For the Hackathon or the CFP?


The DEV team is best to answer that then, but I susuepect it would still be elgible.