Hi, I'm Graham

grahamcox82 profile image Graham Cox ・1 min read

I have been coding for too many years.

You can find me on Twitter as @grahamcox82, though I rarely say anything interesting.

I've just read an article on #100daysofcode, and more specifically on the idea of spending 100 days writing about code, and I thought it was a great idea. Enough that I'm going to attempt it myself. No promises that anything I write will be worth reading, though the hope is of course that they will get better as time progresses.


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Great idea. Liking some of your articles too!


I am so excited to have you in on this!


Thank you :) Though I can't promise that what I write will be any good, I'll certainly do my best ;) Curious to see how many other people - if any - will be getting involved too.