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What is Graftini?

Sharad Chand
Founder and Developer at Graftini
Originally published at ・2 min read

As developers, if we have to do a task, we try to do it in the most efficient way that we know of. Sometimes that means to do it manually. And, if we need to do it again, we oblige. But if we have to do the same repeatedly, the process soon becomes inefficient. And when that time comes, we find a way to automate it.

In our experience, working with clients and having to develop web apps for their specific problems has allowed us to explore new ways of solving them. Even in seemingly unique problems, we began to find repetition in the kind of solution we provided with regards to how we design, review, iterate and write them into code.

That is when it struck us that we need to automate the process. Imagine if we had a thing that lets us design a website using a visual editor, implement behavior without having to write a single line of code, and deploy it to production with a single tap of a button.

We began to scour the internet to find such a thing. We found tools that are tackling similar problems. But they were not able to express our use-cases fully.

Hence we created Graftini. A nocode designer that deploys your designs to full-fledged web apps.

Graftini is where there is no difference between designing and coding, where reviews are only limited to the actual design, and where devops is obsolete. The only task that a developer is responsible for is the design of a solution.

Request for early access to get an early taste when it's available. We are eagerly excited to see the kind of apps you will build with it.

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