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You can write better jQuery

Nick Ciolpan
I have extensive experience as a full stack developer, managing clients and building state of the art platforms.
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While almost every new article mentioning it, talks about its demise, I’ve decided to write as about one of the most recurrent jQuery bad practices I came across and how to deal with it. Here it is:

Going from this:

    buttonClass: 'btn btn-default',
    buttonWidth: '100%',
    buttonClass: 'btn btn-default',
    buttonWidth: '100%',
    nonSelectedText: '---',

To This:

<select class="js-multiselect" 

$('.js-multi-select).each(function () {
    let options = {};

        .map(property => options[property[0]] = property[1]);



And never go back for adjustments in the script file ever again.

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