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Discussion on: Lesser-Known Yet Still Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Front-End Developers

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Jakub Semik

My advice is:
Don't spend to much time choosing the framework.
Just pick one and do a project with it, then do another project with a different one and another. After few of those you will be able to tell which one you like the most.
As there is no such thing as "the best" framework. There is just "right tool for a job" and personal preferences.

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Christian Kozalla

Are there any recommendations or steps to find the "right tool for a job"?

I constantly wonder which tool or combination of tools to go with for a new project, but since I am not that experienced yet, I d appreciate some guidance from time to time.

Of course I know, that everything depends on the project / goals etc, and that there's not only one single correct answer to this..